Creating a Party Dress in Seven Simple Steps

  1. Creating a party dress is not as simple as it sounds. It involves a lot of tact and taste for craftsmanship. One should have the necessary skill and the mindset to make and fashion out a party dress. It is best to scour around in websites and pamphlets for good designs and patterns. One can take an idea out of these leaflets and then get going.
  2. Try to narrow down the type of cloth which should be used for the purpose. Also, it is the color of the outfit which should be ascertained at this very stage itself. Getting beautiful accessories to highlight gorgeousness of the wrist like mondaine designer wrist watches, Bangles, Wrist Bands, Rings etc. Once the color and the cloth are decided upon, go in for cutting of the dress into the required format for stitching. For this, one has to have the knowledge – if you are not proficient in it the dress may end up getting spoilt. Thus, if you do not have the expertise, go in for a seamstress or a tailor to cut the dress into the required pattern.
  3. Then comes the stitching part. For this too, one should be good and able at the job. If you do not have the knowhow go in for stitching, it is best to give the job to someone who knows the craft and how to go about stitching exercise well and proper.
  4. After the garment is stitched up, then comes the frills and the fancies attached with it. Placing of the crystals, beads and buttons takes place next. This will help in adorning the dress in the manner in which it should be done.
  5. Accessorize the dress next. Check out which ear rings, ring, bracelets and bangles, anklets and amulets et al will suit the dress. These should be finalize beforehand and then kept aside for use. Do not leave all this task to the last minute as this will end up getting all muddled up. Also, check out and finalize the footwear to be used with the dress. This too should is a task which should be handled with a lot of care and precision as the shoes can make or break the day for the deal. Again, keep them all readied up without any last minute hassles coming up.
  6. Organize the handbag to be used when you are wearing the dress. Think of this properly and take great care to keep it ready for use. Clean it up well and properly so that it does not look old or tacky. Also, make it a point to keep it in a place where you remember so that you do not end up wasting last minute time in searching for it.
  7. The detail you have to think of is the make-up which will go with the dress. Plan this aspect carefully as the way in which we do up our face and arms et al makes a huge difference to our overall look and appeal. In this manner, you are ready for the show!

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