How To Design Your Own House

Designing a house is a dream come true for a lot of people. A lot of people also wish to do it on their own and not take too much help for it. However, before one actually sits down to design a home, there are some factors which need to be kept in mind. A home should be designed as perfect as olivia burton watches. First and foremost, one should follow the rules of the land. The exact proportions of how much building space to be used, how much to be left for open land et al needs to be ascertained.
Also, decide the number of rooms you wish to have in the given area. Also, the exact proportions of each room need to be decided before hand. After this, try to color code the scheme for each of the rooms. The number of doors and windows and their sizes and shapes also need to be finalized. Take the apparatus to be placed in each room, too, into consideration. For example, in the kitchen the gadgetry to be placed like the microwave, the cooking range, the refrigerator, and the corners allocated for each one of them need to be finalized.

The outside architecture needs to be put in place as one of the first things you decide about the house. For one, which kind of material – which stone, marble, granite et al is to be used, needs to be discussed and placed in. The roof structure – whether it is to be flat, triangular or whichever format one wishes it to be in, also needs to be talked over.

Ascertain the size of the garden area

One needs to affix the size of the garden area also. In the garden, if one wishes for some features like a water feature such as a fish pond or a lotus pond et al need to be decided upon. This too requires a lot of thinking and planning. If there are kids in the house, one may wish to have a slide or a swing put in place. Also, one can have a hammock installed, among other features.

The exact nuances of the bedrooms and the drawing rooms need to be finalized beforehand. It is not just the number of rooms but the individual architecture in each one of them that needs to be thought over. Sometimes, we may wish for color co-ordination in our rooms and have a different styling done in each one of them. This too needs careful planning out and execution.

Hobnobbing with architects, builders and interior designers

Even though one is designing the house primarily on one’s own, still we may opt to have second opinions from architects, builders and interior designers. This will take up a lot of time and effort and requires giving a lot of attention to detailing. All in all, this job is not easy and can easily be a drain on anyone’s physical and financial resources. Hence, it is best to take time over it and not do in a hurry.

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